2016 Mercedes Benz E350 Sedan Release Date, Review, Specs, and Interior

2016 Mercedes Benz E350 Sedan Release Date, Review, Specs, and Interior

2016 Mercedes Benz E350 Sedan Release Date, Review, Specs, and Interior

2016 Mercedes-Benz E350 Sedan – With the arrival of the most current list of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-class, comes the E350 Sedan. The new increases to the Mercedes-Benz program are portrayed with a high measurement of style and such extravagance that comes offered in a few flavors. The E-class additionally gives a decision between a V-8 motor and a diesel alternative this time, while the E350 figures out how to discover its place there too.

The E-Class is a considerable measure of things to numerous individuals. This really implies the flexibility of vehicle here is high and that anybody can make their pick among the huge apparition of vehicles advertised. What the E350 offers is a decision between a vehicle and a wagon setup which accompanies its own levels of extravagance and incredible execution attributes. In any case, what these autos obviously endeavor to is extravagance in any case and the 2016 models surely accompany a wealth of it.

To the extent different vehicles in the E-Class are concerned, you can make your pick. Every one of them accompany their own image of style and you have a car, wagon and convertible alternative with either a RWD or an AWD choice. Mercedes-Benz has gone hard and fast this year and have figured out how to create a quality armada which is going to make numerous individuals extremely upbeat, yet the opposition is taking care of business extraordinarily with the models like Cadillac CTS, Audi A6  and the BMW 5 Series models that are getting new discharges soon. Simply read whatever is left of the audit and see what the specs let you know, and if that is insufficient there are some elite picks that will demonstrate to you how extraordinary these autos really are presently.

2016 Mercedes-Benz E350 Sedan outside

The flexible elements that are added to the vehicle additionally give it a much bolder appearance. This is most observable with the new headlamps double outline as they consolidation together and join with the LED increases pleasantly. The sharp bodywork has been joined to flawlessness with the body wrinkles that the vehicle gets to consolidate for an extravagance picture of the auto. The car and the convertible E-Class trims accompany a great deal more purported wheel flares at the back, including more forcefulness, yet the car form does not have this and remains a rich choice. For the front section a three-bar grille is included for the extravagance trims, while the lively ones get a twin-louver grille style.

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The most part of the E-Class has experienced a comparable treatment as far as configuration. This doesn't by any methods imply that all autos are the same but instead that they are all based on the same thought. What is distinctive about them can be resolved relying upon the style, as there are four body styles offered now, their bundles and comforts inside them and the wheels too obviously. The new styling of the vehicle is truly smooth and makes the greater part of the auto much slimmer and all things considered exceptionally rich. The car models have picked up an extremely decent treatment in that way and is the thing that portrays the 2016 E350 car. With an exceptionally effortless roofline it offers a visual guide which makes the auto appear a bit lower, including the style impact much more. This is not the same with the convertible choices obviously, however they figure out how to escape with their own particular qualities and favorable circumstances.


Within the 2016 Mercedes-Benz E350 should bring a high measure of extravagance and solaces. However it feels somewhat moderate than a portion of alternate items that Mercedes created. It is a pioneer encompassing with some all around squeezed wrinkle exemplified all over the lodge. Within and the outline of it are joined well with the outside of the auto and bring an all around ok encompassing of the auto. The base models get a wood trim joined with metal and refined plastic too. This permits the auto to be rich and a genuine Mercedes-Benz vehicle even in its base structure. They likewise leave space for a considerable measure of customization accessible.

2016 Mercedes Benz E350 Sedan Interior
What you are offered with to improve the look and plan of your Mercedes-Benz auto are stock decisions which come in burl walnut or dark slag. These are some exceptionally rich trims and will surely underline your auto considerably more. Something that likewise comes as a fascinating extra element is a tank-style simple clock which you can put on your dash.

2016 Mercedes Benz E350 Sedan Dashboard
2016 Mercedes Benz E350 Sedan Dashboard

Be that as it may, what diverts us from a bit is a more than should be expected incorporation of matte-plastic catches utilized for sound controls and atmosphere direction. The instrument board additionally has the COMAND interface which you can use for the majority of the infotainment elements of the auto while a substantial LCD in the center gives a great deal of assistance too.


As there are different choices given in the engine for the most up to date Mercedes-Benz E-Class autos, the base one comes in the E350 auto. It is the It is obviously the E350 gas motor with direct fuel infusion and a yield of 302 pull. Other trim levels accompany a 4.6-liter twin-turbo V-8 in E550 ones, and a 5.5-liter biturbo V-8 which comes in the E63 AMG execution version choices.

2016 Mercedes Benz E350 Sedan Engine

The twin-turbo E400 with the yield of 329 hp is offered as a discretionary decision and can be utilized to supplant the E350 in certain trims. The RWD is accessible for all alternatives while the AWD is discretionary for a portion of the car forms specified here.

Mercedes-Benz E350 Sedan Cost and discharge date 2016

The new lineup of the E-Class originating from the generation of Mercedes-Benz for the 2016 model year comes accessible toward the begin of the extremely same one. The vehicles that come will be accessible all in the meantime and accompany a base cost of $52,650 (USD) as base MSRP. The vehicle E350 is offered for a base MSRP of $55,600 (USD) in both Luxury and Sport trims.